Continually offering the best flavour

The multifunctional TF4000 by FESSMANN combines highest production capacities with best quality. In the continuous system, the products go through several heat treatment and cooling units, and leave the machine ready for packaging. The innovative serpentine conveyor technology achieves the shortest process times at the lowest weight loss – and decisively reduces the amortisation time of the system!

Advantages at a glance

  • Considerable saving of energy costs
  • Use of any smoke system possible
  • Only 25% of the space demand of batch systems – for best return on very small space
  • Fully automatic control and monitoring of the production processes
  • Temperature and humidity can be controlled separately in every treatment zone
  • Unparalleled hygiene, separation of goods input and output (HACCP)
  • Outstanding quality results in colour and flavour at minimal weight loss as compared to batch systems
  • Possibility of automating loading and unloading
  • Permanently uniform product quality increases process and quality safety.
  • Short assembly and commissioning times