Tipper Tie Clipper Automatic KDCMA

The KDCMA is a fully automatic modular clipper. The complete range of basic and accessory components of these clipping machines made completely out of stainless steel is interchangeable. Every model can therefore be easily optimized for the required application. Natural, artificial and fiber casings in a caliber range of 25–120 mm are processed as raw, cooked or scalded sausages to make portions, rings, strings and slicing sausages, which are discharged either into a collecting pan or onto various roller conveyors. The movable, adjustable casing brake prevents overloading the casing and ensures exact filling of the portions. Operation via a modern touch screen control leaves nothing to be desired in terms of convenience and efficiency. If very simple operation is required, the trade setting (touch screen display with few controls) is set accordingly. For maximum accessibility when operating and cleaning the machines, they can be swivelled and have covers which can be opened wide. Thanks to the 10 degree slope, it is easy to see the working area. Stainless steel components with sloping surfaces and a new design with freely suspended lock plates meet maximum hygiene requirements.