Tipper Tie Clipper Econo Line Clippers

Tipper Tie’s Econo Line clippers provide one step closing and clipping of bags for a variety of poultry products and other niche market packages.

Easily handling plastic bags, casing, or netting materials or pre-tied materials with a strong and secure closure, the Econo line models allow operators to use a single, smooth motion to securely seal product bags.

Whether vertically or horizontally mounted, the Econo Line models can do the following:

  • Gather the neck of the bag
  • Apply a secure seal
  • Trim excess bag tail from the product (For processes that do not require trimming, no-knife models are available.)

A variety of options add value: attached product taggers (vertical models) to provide branding identification for retail customers, air filter regulators for less maintenance, and stick clip rail or spooled clip options to minimize reloads.

The robust, stainless steel and aluminum Econo Line clippers minimize cost while improving throughput. Their simple design and reliable performance are a perfect addition to your clipping operation.