The VAKONA GmbH is specialized in the development and the production of food processing machines. The focus is on tumbling machines, vacuum- mixing- and tumbling machines, mixing- and blending machine and pickling technology, as well as various special machines for the food industry.

The foundation took place in 1966 with construction of the first tumbling- and mixing machine, which went into series after several tests in 1969.

In October 1996 the company was taken over by the longtime co-owner Ludger Höning and was completely new aligned. The production area was more than tripled since. The entire production machinery was converted and modernized on CNC machines. Much participation to trade fairs worldwide has opened new markets and has gained new business partners. Today over 100 dealer representations provide a global delivery and service around the world.

On 01.07.2012 Ludger Höning together with his sons Christian and Sebastian Höning took over Maschinenfabrik Dornhan and reorganized it under the newly formed MADO GmbH.

The family company relies on long-term business relationships with customers, dealers and suppliers. Today the company is managed by Christian and Sebastian Höning.

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MADO has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy for over 50 years.

They demand:

Quality, Efficiency, Stability of Values …

There are good reasons behind success.

MADO special machines belong to the leading products of this sector today.

Safety has priority.

MADO machines operate safely and reliably. They comply with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and bear the test mark of the relevant professional committees.

Innovations with a method.

MADO simplifies work in the meat-processing sector thanks to its continuous system innovations. A good example are the new extrusion grinders.

Hard work to ensure a long life.

Numerous tests and experiments before serial production and continuous quality checks during production guarantee that only flawless products leave the factory in Dornhan in the Black Forest.

Forge ahead with quality. .

MADO maintains a quality management. Alle machines comply with the EU Maschinery directive.

The direct route is the best route.

Punctual deliveries and a reliable in-house service complement the field service which our helpful MADO staff provide. They are there to give you support and advice you require.

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