Universal for an extensive product portfolio
The VF 810 is perfectly suited for the versatile production of a wide range of products. All products are processed with utmost care and portioned accurately to the gram. It can be flexibly combined with auxiliary devices for forming and dosing.  Integration in complex line solutions down to the packaging unit is easily possible thanks to its universal interface capability. Numerous options, additional functions and modules extend its versatile and economical utilisation.

Ideal for cooked sausage or the automated production of sausages
The particular strength of the VF 810 is meat and meat substitutes, in particular the production of cooked, fresh and dry sausage products, both as clipping application and in automated sausage production.
The VF 810 ensures sausage production in all types of casing with consistently high output and accurate-to-the-gram quality.

Excellent portioning precision and product quality
The VF 810 guarantees consistently perfect, accurate-to-the-gram portioning precision in all applications, whether using pasty or fluid products. This is due to the vacuum filler’s robust industry-standard design, which thus ensures long-term stable portioning accuracy and at the same time guarantees excellent product quality at a consistently high level.

Optimum hygienic and ergonomic design
The VF 810 has been given a hygienic design in line with the latest guidelines. Automated pre- and interim-cleaning programmes for hopper and feed system and a cleaning quality that can be easily verified guarantee excellent hygiene conditions. Practical advantages in handling and ergonomics perfected to the last detail ensure user-friendliness and highly efficient working.