A variety of options for the medium-scale producer

Whether it is used to expand the product range of small-scale producers or to afford entry into industrial sausage production through its combination with the AL systems, the highest degree of versatility is ensured.

Large batches and a wide range of applications

It is especially important for medium-scale producers to be able to use high-performance, flexible vacuum fillers.

Versatile and flexible

The VF 612 is ideally suited to the production of pasty products, portioned accurately to the gram – from traditional sausage products to convenience foods for the hot food bar, for lunch menus, for catering and for chain operators.

Top advantages

  • With arm lifting and tilting device type 83-8 or 83-6 for 200-litre standard meat trolleys or type 83-7 for 120-litre meat trolleys.
  • Large splittable hopper with a volume of 90/160 litres or 90/240 litres
  • High portioning capacity and excellent product quality due to the gentle vane cell feed system
  • Easy synchronisation with auxiliary devices, such as clippers, dumpling forming device, dosing head, etc.
  • Can be flexibly integrated into line solutions