Thermoforming THERA 650

Some of Colimatic THERA 650 Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine – Advantages are:

  • Cost Saving-
    • Reduce cost and waste- using THERA 650 thermoforming technology can reduce your cost of packaging materials dramatically. This thermoformaer is designed to use maximum usable material and create minimum waste; as high as 30% savings compared to similar machines
  • Modern computerized and programmable features-
    • Touch screen control panel display- equipped with digital, programmable touch screen, this user friendly feature will allow operator full control over the operation of the THERA 650
    • Un-limited configurations- allow specific packaging requirement for different products (Up to 100 memorized recipes) with a click of a button
    • Multi language support- offers multi language selections in all kind of characters
    • Access protection with permission levels- allows up to 2 levels of access as standard with additional permission levels optional
      Remote view and control system optional and PLC with Ethernet Port available
  • Flexible in usage –
    • Allow flexible, semi rigid and rigid packaging- THERA 650 is designed to produce and can be equipped for both flexible and rigid packages
    • Allow different packaging sizes- Our superior design enables users to quickly and easily package different products, thus allowing flexibility and higher utilization of our equipment.
    • Allow versatile design in colors, patterns texture and finish
    • Modular- THERA 650 Form Fill Seal machine can be equipped with many different accessories according to your specific need such as: labeler, printer, chiller, vacuum pump, automated loading, different cutting systems, and more
  • Built to last for years to come with top performance and integrity-with its stainless steel frame and closed profile, THERA 650 sturdy structure is designed to withstand harsh food production conditions, while consistently providing perfect results in both sealing and cutting your packages
  • User friendly and safe to use-
    • Changing configurations from one product to another- Changing configurations between products is done with a touch of a button on the touch screen
    • Replacing molds- Thanks to easy access and modular design by Colimatic, packaging different products that requires changing between molds is a quick and easy task that takes minutes instead of hours, and because of its simplicity, can be done by machine operator
    • Unique heating system in the sealing chamber allowing seal plate changeover with no need to touch or reassemble electrical components or wiring
    • Safety features- THERA 650 has many safety features and sensors that will alert the operator, and if necessary stop the machine until hazards are fixed. An automated alarm is visually display on HMI when faulted
  • Can be integrated with automated processing lines and uses a wide variety of potential packaging materials such as PP, PA, PE, PETG, Nylon,Tyvek, Paper and others
  • Affordable replacement parts and maintenance-
    • Many parts available off the shelf – Many parts used on our machines are available to purchase off the shelf in your local warehouse store or online
    • Fast delivery and competitive pricing- For those parts that are unique to our machine, we offer very competitive pricing
    • Easy access to maintenance & support- maintenance and support can be done over the phone, by mail and in house by a Colimatic certified technician if desired