Foodlogistik Cutting SlicR® Classic 21/21+/25/25+/36

The SLICR® from CES/Foodlogistik – tailored to your particular needs … chops, pork neck, escalope, beef olive, Roastbeef, pork belly, smoked pork, fish, cheese and sausages. Processing temperature up to –4° C

Classic structured metal surface cares for optimum transport of the meat. If fresh, chilled or tempered frozen products – the SLICR® cut boneless and bone-in products in even slices – precise portioning is guaranteed. The pulling cut of the slice-cut knife assures plain and clean cutting surfaces and cut chops almost splinter-proof.

Marginal sanitizing expenses for best hygienic conditions – the SLICR® are smoothly to clean by carry out few actions only. Feed motion at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double blade or intermittent cutting with single cut knife achieving precise slices. Solid PET or stainless steel covers (on request). Of course all SLICR® comply to latest EC sanitation rules and safety regulations