INOTEC offers an adjustable process vacuum to determine the texture of the product according to the respective needs. The automatic temperature control as well as the precisely working cutting set keep the product temperature in the specified temperature range. For constant, traceable production and product quality.

Infinitely adjustable process vacuum and temperature control
Perfectly suited for integration into existing systems
Available in two sizes, suitable for your production, the i175 for up to 7,000 kg / h and the i225 for up to 15,000 kg / h (depending on the product)
Constant cutting results, storable products with photo support and automatic setting of all product and production parameters
Highest setting and readjustment accuracy for minimal wear on the cutting tools
Language-neutral, image-supported, intuitive operating element with clear structure, similar to the operation of smartphones and tablet computers
Use of efficient engines
All INOTEC shredders also come with the option for Softstart or VarioSpeed
Hygienic machine design for continuous industrial operation
Maximum operational safety thanks to a coupling element between the drive and the cutting set with shaft monitoring
Can be equipped with communication modules for use in automated feeding and packaging lines