Large range of products for baked goods producers

The SE 442 cutting unit, in conjunction with a VF 600 B portioning machine, divides dough and is extremely suitable for baked goods producers who want to divide or portion a large range of products via a multifunctional cutting unit. High hourly dividing capacities can be achieved.

Efficient dough portioning with accurate weights

The SE 442 can be used for the effective dividing of a wide variety of dough volumes. The portioned dough piece is fed to the next process step on the conveyor belt.

Modular structure for many different applications

The SE 442 can be combined flexibly with all VF 600 B series portioners and, with various equipment options, it can be adapted perfectly in line with the relevant application. In addition to dough, confectionary such as marzipan, cereal bars and fruit pastes can be processed, as well as other products such as tofu. The modular design facilitates very short conversion times. Due to the hygienic design, cleaning can be performed extremely easily and quickly in the event of frequent product changes.

Your advantages

  • Efficient and economical production due to high dividing and portioning capacity
  • Wide product range due to exchangeable forming inserts in the cutting head
  • High degree of flexibility due to the modular design in conjunction with extremely short conversion times
  • Compliance with the most stringent hygiene standards due to full water jet cleaning
  • High-end hygienic design