Alginate casing instead of natural casings

ConPro technology (the co-extrusion process) creates completely new application options. It combines the advantages of an edible alginate casing with flexible Handtmann vacuum filling technology. Sausage and other products can be produced more economically and new market potential can be tapped into.

Performance can be adapted via an upgrade

The ConPro system (KLSH 153) is available in two performance level versions. The smaller, entry-level model is suitable for producers who are beginning ConPro production. If more production capacity is required there is no need to buy a new system, production output can be increased via an upgrade. Top performance is therefore guaranteed for cut or formed products.

Up to 40 % lower production costs

The most outstanding feature of the ConPro systems is that sausage skins or casings are no longer used. The continuous production without casing change, high potential for automation, almost unmanned production and in-line packaging provide clear economic advantages.

Product diversity due to a wide range of options

Whether it be cutting and forming or cutting, forming and hanging in strings, continuous production with alginate casing opens up a wide variety of options for forward-thinking processors. Furthermore, the alginate casing can be customised in terms of its thickness, its colour and its taste. This creates completely new opportunities for developing, designing and marketing innovative products.

Top advantages

  • Increase of production output for the entry-level model via simple upgrade
  • For a variety of applications, such as meat, cheese, fish, confectionary, vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal products
  • Significant cost savings as there are no casing costs and due to the high level of automation
  • Composition of the products can be adapted on a process and product-specific basis
  • First-class product quality and product appearance due to optimum forming and separating units