AL-PVLH 228 Plus

“plus” features for even more performance and quality

Natural casing pusher, minimum setup times, easy operation, state-of-the-art EtherCAT technology and many more “plus” innovations stand synonymous for even better performance and quality in sausage production.

High production output thanks to casing change times of under 2 seconds and simultaneous setup of linking line and hanging unit

The PVLH 228 plus linking and hanging line stands for high production output and reduced non-production times, especially with natural casings, as a casing pusher ensures reliable processing of artificial and collagen casing as well as natural casing. The linking unit with 2 linking nozzles reduces casing change times to less than 2 seconds and the simultaneous setup of linking line and hanging unit minimises setup times.

Gentle and fast linking thanks to parallel voider

Portioning and linking by means of voiding in a continuous filling process and in conjunction with highly-dynamic linking ensures portions accurate to the gram with precisely equal lengths. Handtmann parallel voiders ensure even more gentle and faster linking, especially of sensitive natural casing products.

Economical, ergonomic and reliable hanging

Simplified hook placement also cuts setup times. Excellent ergonomic working conditions thanks to the hanging unit’s individually adjustable height. Increased output thanks to more efficient smoke stick utilisation and reduction of give-away thanks to the integrated Handtmann smoke stick scales on the hanging unit.

Top advantages

  • “plus” innovations and options, such as natural casing pusher*, casing end sensor, minimum setup times, easy operation and much more
  • State-of-the-art technology with parallel voider for even more gentle and faster linking of natural casing products
  • Product diversity thanks to large range of applications and calibres from 13 to 50 mm and portion lengths from 25 mm
  • Casing change time under 2 seconds thanks to linking unit with revolving head and 2 linking nozzles
  • Short conversion times during product changes thanks to digital setup assistant
  • Increased output and reduction of give-away thanks to integrated Handtmann smoke stick scales on the hanging unit